Chi Chi Menendez is a Spanish Australian artist best known for her documentary photography work of the Parisian underground scene and nightlife.

Based in Paris France since 2004, Menendez has been commissioned as a photographer by prestigious international clients such as Vogue Italia, Absolut and Martin Margiela.

In 2012 Menendez joined the artists collective Mad Agency, living and working out of a 4000 sqaure metre printing factory in Asnieres just north of Paris. The move signalled a return to fine arts photography.

In recent works “Archetypes” and “Take a look at your Selfie” Menendez explores gender politics and identity. The resulting work is a powerful social commentary on women’s bodies as a political battleground. Menendez was a finalist in the 2018 Blake Prize with Archetype No3 being selected for exhibition at the Casula Powerhouse Museum.

Her recent return home to Australia has greatly influenced her work, prompting a renewed exploration of spirituality and healing through reconnection to the natural environment. Menendez currently collaborates and exhibits with artists from the  T-E-A-R collective.